Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

walk it off

i could do with a couple of stitches, but i think i've got the bleeding stopped and the wound closed. that cat has Very Sharp Teeth. he got three fingers this time because i changed hands when i started bleeding. i didn't want him swallowing the blood. next pill time, i'm wearing bandaids as shields. owwwww.

i've done nothing today but take care of him. the shark cat. he's only thrown up once, but pill time wears me out.

the first pill, the reglan, is easy. open the mouth and pop it in, it's small and he swallows it. the other pill is hard to swallow, there was even a warning about that on the website. so i give him nutri cal, which is like thick honey, to get him licking and salivating, and then the epic struggle to get him to swallow it and not hoark it back up. much rubbing of the underside of the neck to make him swallow until it is down. then more nutri cal to make sure the pill doesn't get stuck in his throat.

and that is with the biting and thrashing and the things and the stuff. i really have to laugh about it later. once the bleeding has stopped. the moment we got to detante and just held perfectly still looking each other in the eye. then he finally swallowed and broke the moment.

then he walked me back to his pen and i shut the gate. a bit later, crash and boom come to call and i go in to find him on doc's bed. looking kind of freaked out and the gate and support plank on the floor of the pen. he had jumped (albeit badly) over the gate. fair enough. i brought him out to the living room and he's acting almost himself. he got out from under the chair and got hissed at by leeloo, and then jumped up on the chair. then he kneaded at the blanket before laying down. he is getting stronger. and feeling safer.

his feeling safe is important to me. and leeloo is banished to the porch for a ten minute time out.
Tags: henry

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