Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i love raisin bran. and it loves me. doc got me healthy cereals at the store. healthier than i usually eat. he's been really spoiling me with the food and drink lately. capt'n crunch and arizona iced tea. he also got me another bottle of the enigmatic strawberry soda. that stuff is good, but i don't know how i drank nothing but it for the longest time.

this morning i am calm so i'm having coffee. that will hyper me right up. i love coffee.

our other DVD player, the one that works, is being a brat. i need to get the other unit back to Fry's where they will fix it or replace it under the warranty. i have so much farscape to watch now on DVD. it makes me so happy and giddy.

henry is stronger today. strong enought that it took both of us to give him his medication. of course, that is three pills and two droppers full of fluid. but he didn't throw it up. doesn't make the new bites hurt any less, but those bites were from a cat that had some fight in him. that's a good sign.

the candle i made is also being a brat. it's the wax. i melted down other candles that were cheap. i was hoping they would stand up to a remelt. the effect is neat, the dark green oils that it gives off has run down onto the pale part of the candle in drips, and looks really cool. it just isn't a candle you can walk away from for more than a few minutes. we've kept it from drooling hot wax down the sides. i like a candle that burns neatly down the center. or a container candle (one in a jar or vase) that melts completely. don't care what color or scent, just that they burn nicely and keep burning.

i used to make candles and sell them on ebay. that was a stressful thing because i always worried what the user was going to do with them, if something went wrong, i didn't want to be sued. so i stopped that and just started making them for myself.

but the best value in candles is still the 7 day religious candles they sell in the grocery stores here. one dollar a piece. you can't use the wax for anything else because it is loose and oily, but they burn for 7 days and the colors are vibrant and occasionally one gets a saint to go with the candle. the saint's picture is on the front of the glass and the prayer for that saint is on the back. very cool.

oop, time to feed the boy cat.

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