Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i fixed my sewing machine. someone gave it to me a few years ago for giving her advice on how to decorate her house. it never worked properly and i ended up taking the bobbin assembly apart and then just putting it to the side.

i just took it out of my closet and got the wd40 to lube it and went to work. put the bobbin assembly back together and then put a bobbin in it, closed it up and sewed with the machine. now i can make the hundreds (so it seems) of tshirt pillows i've been meaning to make but not wanting to sew by hand.

and i'm doing laundry. this is henry's down time, i feed him again at 5. i learned that right after he throws up, you can get food into him that he will keep down. this is a huge relief because when he pukes now, it's on 5cc or less of food. so it happens right at the beginning of the feed and is easy to control. then after, he kind of lowered himself into his bed and let me feed him 20cc. and since he has to have so much in a day, i won't feed him less than that and i'm going to try to make it 30cc by night time.

i just made him a new tshirt out of the sleeve of an old shirt that was stained and in the rag bag. all i had to do was cut arm holes in it. then i can properly wash the one he has on now.
Tags: henry

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