Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

ow i just got bit

but hey, i got henry's reglan pill down him. it was worth it.

so we went to the vet yesterday. he took an xray to make sure the tube was positioned in the right place, it was.

then he changed the food and told me to discontinue the vitamin k. instead i have antibiotics to give to henry. that ought to be fun. oral liquid.

then we (mostly the vet) decided to start the treatment over. starting with one can yesterday, one and a half today and so on.

the visit was $79, of which i had $20. i had more, but i needed to spend it on cat food and litter and nutri cal paste at the pet store. so the visit got added to our bill.

since we started logging henry's feedings and the results (vomit or no vomit), things look much more hopeful. he is keeping down more and more food. the vomiting seems random. sometimes we give him 20ccs and he's okay with it, sometimes he pukes after 5 ccs. but he isn't doing it as often as he was. this makes me so happy.

it was really hard to see the frustration on the vet's face. he just didn't know what to tell me.

i asked him straight out if henry was in pain. he said no. i believe him. discomfort, yes, but not pain.

okay then, it is up to us to continue treatment. no problem.

the other cat that was in the vet's at the same time as henry, that had the same problem is doing very well now, he told me. henry should come about soon.

i also got to see henry show some energy. he was not happy about being at the vet's but he perked up and looked around and mewed at me. then, when we went into the exam room and i put him out on the table, i hugged him and he tucked his head under my arm and we just sat there like that until the vet came in. it wsa so sweet.

so much of my time with henry is clinical. i've been feeding and cleaning and not taking the time to just love on him and pet him. he purrs whenever we are near him. even during the feedings.

and i had a nice time with B. he took me to the vet and the pet store and then we went to wendys for some dinner. then he came back and hung out with us for a while. i forget how nice it is to interact with people, holed up here by my own choice. it was cool to talk to someone and joke with him.

now i'm passing time, waiting for the pill to dissolve in henry's tummy so i can feed him.

Tags: fatty liver, feeding tube, henry

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