Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

ugh my memory

i need to make a chart and keep it on the fridge. i can't remember when i've fed henry. i guess because he's only thrown up once today i just lost count. but i know it was often. i took an hour nap on the sofa and gave him his pill when i woke up. then i waited 45 minutes and fed him. then another 45 and fed him again. he's due in a couple of minutes. i just can't remember how many times i've fed him.

i have to find out if there is something more concentrated than the food we are giving him, since he will only keep down so much.

i still don't know how i'm going to get him to the vet tomorrow. i can't take him on the bus. and he needs to be seen, he needs to have more bloodwork done to see if what we're doing is working. and i have questions for the vet.

why is the neck wound constantly weeping?
is it okay that he pulled out a couple of his support stitches?
is there a more concentrated food for him?
can we just give him the vitamin k instead of trying to empty the tiny capsule of viscous yellow fluid into his food?
is it okay to give him a bath if we keep the insertion wound free of water?

things like this that i always forget about when he calls.

henry just threw up again. i feel like such a failure when he throws up, i am really taking this personally and like doc suggested, i need to not do that.
Tags: fatty liver, feeding tube, henry

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