Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

woke up cranky from a dream where i dissed paris hilton (a person i really care nothing about) and everything wrong on the surface of my life was fixed and it didn't make it better.

watched "resident evil:apocalypse" and wanted more mila.

henry has been keeping down his food today. we are feeding him 1/3 what we should but if he keeps it down it's better.

i'm taking the night shift.

doc says when i talk about henry i'm really negative. i need to watch that, especially around henry, who is attuned to my tone of voice. i just went to his pen and said hi to him and he got up (this is henry i'm talking about here, i don't keep doc penned up . . . anymore) and came to the gate to see me. this is a Very Good Sign.

so we're feeding him 10cc at a time, once an hour, quitting if he burps at all. then wait and see what creative place he is going to yark in next.

okay so that ended with the negativity. i need to quit that.

though, if i give up my sarcasm i will go mad with the responsibility i now have.
Tags: henry

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