Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

henry must have sensed i was going to clean his insertion wound, as he took off and nearly ran out onto the balcony as i appeared with the bottle of peroxide. i missed my chance. for now.

the reglan didn't work for him last night. maybe today. we've already given him his pill. i waited an hour and a half and gave him a feed. he didn't seem to be suffering any reflux. so far so good.

the vet is off the next two days. then monday, i need to get to the vet to buy more food for henry. i may ask R for a ride. i don't know. i'll figure it out. i don't know if i can take the bus there on my own. i'm really bad at recognizing where i should be getting off.

i've had a couple of people wonder why i didn't just have henry put to sleep. many reasons. it isn't just a cat to me. and i don't think the vet would have euthanized an animal that could be treated. and . . . that question is just so ridiculous to me. henry is a part of me just as a child would be. what love people give to their children, i give to my cats. i wouldn't put a sick cat to sleep any more than parents i know would euthanize a sick child. to me it is the same. and from the reactions from you guys, that isn't such a strange thing. none of you have asked this silly question. maybe some of the silent yous have thought it but not asked.

i have vomit to clean, of course. hee.
Tags: henry

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