Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

henry the vomitous

so scratch what i said about him keeping down breakfast. and lunch. doc can't get back soon enough.

we're also thinking of giving him pedialyte. doc is asking the vet, but many sites we've read have used that with jaundice. and henry isn't drinking on his own, and if he's throwing up all the food and liquid we're giving him, then the pedialyte seems like a really good idea.

on to other things . . .

thanks to the dumpster diving prowess of S, we have a stereo with CD player and a TV for kam316's room. the speakers are small, but kick out a nice volume. the stereo has two tape decks and a 3 CD changer. frankly, if it had more than two speaker hookups, i would use it in my room. we may have better speakers by the time you get here. when we set S to look for things, he usually comes up with them. the TV was a gift from former neighbors. there is something wrong with the mute, but we have a universal remote that is tuned into it and how loud do you need it, really? small apartment.

other than that, our "get the stuff out of kelli's room" ploy is not going well. i'm still working on him/it. this henry thing threw a wrench into our accomplishing anything. i've gotten some of the dead candles out, though. that is something.

speaking of candles, i need to melt down the ones i made and remake them with smaller wicks. i was afraid of that. but this is one of my hobbies that i have everything i need to do it for a while. i even found my cheap plastic two piece molds. i don't see myself using them . . . i'm attatched to the three hex molds i'm using now. once i get the wick right, i'm making blessed candles out of all the wax i have sitting around. then i will store them in my closet and pull one out when i need it. that will save about $5 a month on candles. not a big savings, but it gratifies me to make them. the art factor is worth it.
Tags: candles, henry, kam316

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