Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

hiding out on the balcony

resting, not puking, good kitty

we have clean spots all over our carpet from cleaning up vomit. i think when we renew the lease, we will take them up on a free carpet cleaning. i don't know how we would empty out the living room, but we could figure it out. it would be nice to have a professionally cleaned carpet. i love our carpet cleaner, but it is limited. if you want really clean, use the hand attatchment. that's how we got the clean spots. we recently cleaned the carpet, but the unit needs to be heavier and it only cleans so well. yes, i think a free carpet cleaning is just the thing.

i mailed off my check for the lawrence of arabia DVD. a friend who just purchesed something actually threw in an extra $10 to cover it. how cool is that? doc wasn't as mad as i thought he would be. i guess he realized i was trying to do something for him, not me. plus henry came home so everything got better. and soon we'll have this beautiful movie for our own.

since we were stable financially before henry got sick, we joined netflix. we picked one of the cheapest plans and lawrence of arabia was the first movie we got. i sent it back today. i don't remember what we're getting next. i could look, but i'd rather be surprised. if we can pull out of this financial mess we are temporarily in, we can keep the membership.

i have faith we can do it. i need to go make . . .

henry just vomitted up 2 feedings worth of food. doc didn't leave the phone at home so i can't call the vet. damn. damn. damn.
Tags: henry, photos

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