Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

calmer now

two feedings done. he seems calm. he's under the chair. if i keep this up without him vomitting, then i'll be able to get two cans into him today. that will do his liver good.

feeding while cuddling is the best, i've found. he doesn't try to walk away, he just dozes through the feeding. as it should be.

and he responded to my petting him while he was under the chair before his last feeding. i was petting his side and he half rolled over to offer me part of his tummy, which is still fat. that was a total "awww" moment.

i'm going to get this cat better. i can get this cat better. that's all there is to it.

i've noticed he thows up more when doc feeds him. so even though doc is off tomorrow, i think i'll keep to my feeding duties. he can do other things.
Tags: fatty liver, feeding tube, henry

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