Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

this is henry's "pen". adjacent is the bathroom with the litter box and a nice bathtub to sleep in. this is in what will be kam316's room, so he's got to make a speedy recovery, at least to the point where we can just lock him in our room at night. during the day he sleeps on the couch and under the chair. sometimes he goes out to the balcony and lays down for a while. he's getting enough energy back to be obstinate. and i really had forgotten how stubborn he can be when he wants to.

right now his feeding tube seems clogged. i'm quietly freaking out about it. i've tried many things. now i'm trying one that involves me waiting for a result over time. eck.

there, i got the clog, i think. i'll go give him some water in a minute. hopefully he is still in the bed and not hiding in the cabinet again.

he's really starting to hate me. i make him stay on the couch and he doesn't like it. he meows at me angrily when i go into his pen to pet or feed him. as he gets his energy back, i'm afraid he's going to get aggresive on me. so i'm trying to let him do what he wants to do, while still watching him closely.

last night i melted down some junk candles that couldn't be burned for various reasons, and made myself three candles. they are ugly, but i don't care. they will burn, and i hope, burn well. and blessed candles don't need to be pretty.

it felt good, after a day of accomplishing small things, to relax and play with the wax and the molds and wicks and make something with my hands besides food. and with any luck i used the right sized wick and they will burn well.
Tags: candles, henry

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