Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the vet called

henry is getting a feeding tube put in. as you read this. the vet said he wasn't being aggressive, but he was throwing up from the stress of the force feeding and the vet was worried that he might get worse if he sent henry home. the vet also said they had another cat in the hospital with the same problem and they put a tube in and the cat was doing wonderfully. which i guess was not a prognosis set for a force fed henry. so i woke doc up, because there was no way i was making that decision on my own, and relayed all the vet had said and conferred over the answer. feeding tube. hands down.

and! and we'll still be able to bring him home today.

i really love this vet and will recommend him to anyone. he is informative, not at all condescending, caring, and in tune with the cat's psychological state.

in other news:

paypal and i are in an argument. an automated one. i have money in my paypal account but i'm no longer "verified" because i no longer have a bank account or credit card in my name. and i need more documentation to change my name than i need for social security. and i just learned that i can't pay ebay auctions using paypal without being "verified". okay. i went to buy a "lawrence of arabia" disk because i found it for under $10 shipped and it would really cheer doc up. not the most responsible use of $10, i freely admitt, but i had my motives. so i go all through the pay with paypal process and end the auction, and then find out i can't pay with paypal. so now instead of an under the radar surprise for doc, i have to ask him to write a check for it and the wrath will come down on my head. fuck fuck fuck. that is what i get. i have enough in my paypal account, jewelry has been selling recently, and so have the books. that money is mad money or money for paying my webhost and ebay fees. the extra money from kam316's paintings is emergency money for henry's bill. the $10 would not have been missed. and doc would have been grumpy about it but would have gotten over it. now he's going to be really angry. fuck. and how do i work this out with paypal? i guess i have to get a bank account of my own once i get ID, but that won't be for a few months. fuck.
Tags: fatty liver, feeding tube, henry, whiny little bitch

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