Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

if you've had enough of the cats, skip this

do the cats think henry isn't coming back? chloe and jack are playing together. last night jack was continuing to nuzzle up to leeloo and attempting to groom her as he did henry. they are bonding in different ways, along different lines. jack has also been recognizing leeloo as alpha while henry has been gone. it has been strange.

of course we have been watching them more closely and loving and cuddling them extra since this whole henry sick thing started. that will continue forever, i think. this has taught us a valuable lesson about keeping an eye on their every habit. and if they are sick, check their ears. his inner ears were so yellow at the vet. it was like his ears had been painted in bad parent accusations. i checked his gums and eyes, but not his ears. and nothing i read before he went to the vet suggested it. but how could i not have noticed? so that was our trauma, and we're dealing with it, just as henry is coming through his trauma. and it was all balled up together. but whatever guilt we feel, we have to put it aside, learn from this, and help the boy get better while taking closer care of the others.

we've never been neglegent, but we've had accidents and episodes like this and you can't help blame yourself, especially when the animal is in the care of others and you literally have nothing to do but wait and fill your brain with something.

in happier tones (i won't speak of the guilt again), leeloo just kicked jack's butt. and she is still growling as he takes refuge on the rocking chair she won't jump up on. my babies are playing together.

i need to go check for injuries (jack is still fully clawed and doesn't realize it) and scoop the litter boxes. i've rambled long enough for now.
Tags: cats

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