Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

last night the main candle we were burning for henry was about to go out. i was too supersticious to let it go out by itself, so i put it out after lighting another one. i've been scared ever since that i somehow snuffed out henry's life when i snuffed out the candle. but the vet hasn't called with bad news, so i'm guessing he's all right.

so, he's coming home today.

i'm up early as part of my schedule changing plan so i can feed him in the morning instead of making him wait until we get up at 11. i want him as close to the vet schedule as possible so there isn't disruption.

i'm very nervous about him coming home. i know i'll be able to care for him, i'm just nervous about it. what if i fail. that kind of stuff.

time to put that out of my mind and move some stuff around.

we still haven't decided which part of the apartment we are going to keep him in. i still cheer for the living room. fewer places for him to hide, so he'll be more likely to use the bed we are making him.
Tags: henry

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