Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

found a vet, got the cash. two down.

we started force feeding henry last night. this morning it didn't go so well, he threw up all over the place.

the cleanout time has begun. time to get this apartment cleared out. we had an inspection this morning. that was tons of fun, they woke us up. it was the overly cheerful manager. i'm glad she's being nice to me, we've butted heads in the recent past over the car. nice to see a level of professionalism. past management companies have brought in people who hold grudges.

with just a little more prompting, i'll get doc to call the DMV for the title information. then we can get a duplicate title and register the car. then when kam316 gets here, we can insure it. then we can drive it up the street and get new gas in it. the smelly exhaust is due to old gas, i think. the mechanic mentioned it to doc.

a whole new life is going to be starting soon. kam316 will unwittingly usher in a new era that i am trying to set up the groundwork for now by getting things taken care of.

time to put the balcony shelves back together and start clearing out the other bedroom. this place will be so clean by the time we're done.
Tags: henry, kam316

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