Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

heh. i did the podcast and then went to sleep. i woke up feeling an 8 of 10. i'm still there, but i'm being lazy. i'm just kind of sitting with the TV low and listening to all of the noise of the apartments around me. i try to guess what the noises are.

my prescrription company sent me this drug audit thing, and told me i am taking redundant medication and suggested i had more than one doctor. okay. the fact of the matter is that by splitting my anti-psychotic medication in two, i've eliminated many of the adverse side effects of the one. i also lessen my risk of diabetes, which can be a long term side effect of seroquel. so far, geodon hasn't any side effects with me. i don't exclusively take geodon because i need the sedating effects of the seroquel. it keeps me from having to add a sleeping pill and another possible addiction. which i am already risking by taking xanax in a preventative way. the whole cocktail works together, and it is carefully measured. i have two weeks of bloodwork to back me and Dr. Rev up on this. so i'll take the audit in and show Dr. Rev and we will talk about it and he will know what's up if it becomes an issue of payment. i have a sweet prescription plan where i pay 1/20th the cost of the meds i'm on (which we saw in a prior post and it is a very good thing).

breathe . . .

so that is a fun little lesson in opening all mail when it gets here (and not putting it off until a couple of weeks later when i clean off the mail table). i can actually be proactive in this situation.

i didn't move the dell off my worktable today because each time i tried, there was a cat asleep so cutely atop the thing the dell is going to sit atop of. and i didn't want to disturb them. yes, i have procrastination down to a fine art.

okay, the tea doc got me last night is gone. time to switch to sugar free fruit punch. even better than the pink lemonade. i'm really getting into this sugar free drink thing. and doc is convinced the weight loss has been from lack of soda all the time. okay.

funny, if i hadn't gone to the hospital i wouldn't have built a taste for the sugar free drinks.

on a completely different subject, i can't wait until kam316 gets here. things will be so different. and this is one change i think i'm going to be ready for. as the cleaning out of the house and the moving of stuff continues, i feel better and better about it. we'll put the porch setup back together and then can start the cleaning out of doc's room. now that i'm done with the cleaning out of my room, i have a happier outlook on it all. even with our procrastination methods, we will get it done.

ooh, it's getting late, i need to do some chores before doc gets home. hee. catbox cleaning time.
Tags: ramble

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