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i was so conflicted because i needed the dell to get pictures off of my digi cam. and there were no winXP drivers on the website and i have lost the disks somehow. so i put the dell on my worktable and got some files i needed and then . . .

okay. and then i decided to just plug the camera into this beautiful machine, Dalek, and i turned on the cam, and the precious computer asks me which program i want to open the pictures in and offers both of my photoshops. so i open the pictures i wanted to look at in the photoshop of my choosing and giggle maniacally and look at the dell computer and say, "ha ha! i don't need you anymore!" and i turned it off.

now i can get it off my worktable.

and something computer-y worked simply and without problems. this is so unusual in my life. in most people's lives. computers aren't just the simple plug and play machines that work with anything you put in them. but they are getting better at it. yay!

now i wonder if the printer is going to be such a problem, probably not. i'll deal with that later. that's the photo printer i'm referring to. the printer/scanner is going to be hooked up to the other machine, now in the other room. doc's machine. the computer formerly known as Damian. now the 'bedroom machine' or the 'computer in the other room'.

and i know this is boring rambling stuff, but the way i forget stuff, it is much better to write it all down. because i do check back in here for things. to get reminders about what i've been doing and maybe how. so the boring rambling stays. i will try to write something relevant every now and again. such as:

if you listen closely, you can hear the republican party crumbling in on itself and the democrats not moving in to be better alternatives.

oh, and for personal reference, the AA batteries are in the camera bag. the AAAs are still lost in the workroom. not a problem.

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