Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

yay!: dangermouse seems to be all synched up with the sound and audio, i think i have found software that works.

nay!: the disks i was gifted don't work

yay!: i know someone they will work for and may be able to arrange a trade.

yay!: i cleaned the kitchen and the litterboxes

now, for today's action of purpose, i plan to load the open trunk of the car with refuse and take it down to the dumpsters. doc will have enough to do tomorrow, his day off. so i'm taking the task for my own. yeah, i'm partly tired of waiting until tomorrow or saturday for it to happen, but the bigger motive is to take something off doc's plate.

i hope there's gas in the car, i'll have to check that.

i also started cleaning the forbidden corner of my workroom. a small corner, but full of stuff that didn't need to be there. i also found leeloo's secret sleeping spot, i know for sure now because she was in it at the time i was digging out the corner. oh the fur i will be able to vacuum from out of that corner.

i also found the power cord to one of my drill's batteries. it also works for the sound mixer, ooooooh. so now i can put them in an empty utility drawer together and have the set-up if i need it, plus i know where the drill cord is. double bonus.

and have you seen the new tigger toy that bounces on his coiled up tail? the tail is coiiled underneath him and he sits on it when not singing and bouncing on it. so cute. i have two talking and one dancing tigger. the rest are just stuffed for loving. i think i have an even dozen stuffed tiggers. and that doesn't count the tigger shaped pillow. and one giant pooh bear in a burgundy wizard outfit. i need to sew up a small hole on his leg. i keep my wig hanging from his foot. keeps in in perfect shape.
Tags: ramble

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