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this is a repeat

gods!! this new Pink CD is so . . . perfect. and i don't care if i'm the only person who thinks so. every time i listen to it i find something else i love about it. even the inane song "stupid girls" has grown on me.

the cam is pointed now at me. or at where i should be sitting at the computer. i do get up and dance occasionally. as much as i would love to sit in one position forever, my legs will have none of that. they want to be used. or else they fall asleep and become annoying for a while. dancing on sleeping legs is fun, though i doubt it is any fun to watch or listen to, the sensation is neato.

we've been having cheap incense and doing well with it. there is a nag champa copy that isn't bad. while cleaning, i found a single stick of real nag champa and put it on to burn and oh my! i just sat and listened to the music and breathed deeply. i still like the copy, but having the house full of real nag champa for a time is heaven on earth.

i still haven't come up with where all the ac adapters are to set up the mixer and the mic. but i'm in no hurry. i have a mic that works well for me for now. i'm just setting up a backup because though the mic i'm using doesn't sound cheap, it is. one loose wire and it is over (until i get the soldering kit i've been begging for), so since i have the other set, i'd like to get them squared with a power source and then i can put them all away together.
Tags: ramble

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