Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm not letting the DVD thing get to me. i will find a way to make it work. one thing i thought of was the .avi-s i have are all PAL formatt and i wonder if that is the problem. so i'm downloading the seasons again and will try with that.

doc had turned the a/c off last night because it was so cool outside and i accidentally left it off until i was too hot and cranky to deal. then i remembered and turned it on. my mood elevated immediately after.

then i ate two hamburgers. yes, two of them. the first one was so good that i cooked and ate the second one and i really hope doc is not set to eat one tonight. hee.

i got some great tips for handling Spot. a couple of treat ideas that will work out well, and knowing my hamster as i do, they will work wonders. i just want Spot to be happy. and maybe chewing on the bars makes her happy, i have no way of knowing that, but i can do other things to add variety to her life.

the iced tea has given way to hawaiian punch. as long as it isn't soda, doc is okay with me drinking it. he even got me sugar free pink lemonade. variety in beverages is the spice of my day.

meanwhile my chores are done and i'm not sleepy. so i guess i'll work on the never ending poetry project. i got many input today and i need to do many more. but the pile is shrinking and that is what matters. i've lost and found almost all of my work. i'm pretty proud of myself for keeping it around and not relying purely on the computer.

i also found 5,000 cam pics already sorted, just waiting for me to do something with them. but i have them on CD. again, that is what matters. having it now.

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