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tmi headcase entry

i want to take a shower. i have gone in and gotten fresh towels, my scrubby glove and my aveeno wash and set them up. i have just enough conditioner for my hair.

so what is the problem? i can't hear if someone comes into the apartment when i'm in the shower. this freaks me out. to the point that i'm sitting here feeling gross with greasy hair.

for the same phantom reason i can't go outside by myself unless it is urgent (as in going up to the office the other day about the car). and then only with doc here to orient me when i get back.

after i shower alone i spend hours checking and rechecking any hiding places for i don't know who. the same phantome people who i think will get me if i go outside and get disoriented.

there is no good reason to think any of these things are real. and i can make myself believe it, so long as i'm not confronted with the activities. then all bets are off and someone is out to get me.
Tags: head case

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