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new kam316 art!

i'm over stressing about little things. waiting for the day meds to kick in.

i went out and washed the windows on the car. as per the woman in the front office. the car looks much better, and yes, it looks more inhabited now. he parked it right out front. i may move it or have him move it tonight since there are so few front of the building parking spaces.

kam316 informed me it's more like 6 weeks until she is here. joy! she's put a bunch of new paintings up at my ebay store. ebay is being a bit slow in updating my store to show them. but there is the link. there's one new one up already. all money is being donated to me, thank you kam316. it will be used for the upkeep of my ebay store and, which, i daresay will be live by the beginning of the year (what, with both of us being in the same place and having computers to work on). these are very cool paintings. everything new she does, i like more than the last. the "chroma" series, especially. but the "october" pair really get me. i love them all.

i was playing with torrents and got an 80's 6 disk collection. pretty interesting. i'm listening to the metal pieces right now. and that really has to stop. whitesnake for pete's sake. whitesnake.

as i write this i calm down. timing. it is all about timing.

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