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the car drama

last night doc called the office and told them about the car. then he moved it across the street so it didn't get towed this morning.

then i went up to the office today to talk to them about it and a receptionist stops me because i have no shoes on. she asks me if i can wear shoes when i come into the office. i say, "excuse me?" and she repeats it. i sarcastically ask her if i should go home and put shoes on and come back. before she can accompany the nodding of her head with a verbal "yes", i tell her it isn't going to happen and go into the other office to talk to the manager.

we get it worked out. she tells me to keep the windows clean and not store stuff in it and move it every so often and things will be fine.

i took a xanax before i went and i'm really glad i did because the shoe thing really got me angry. i live here. i pay to live here. i can walk around barefoot if i want to.

oh, the manager also told me to keep the car clean, and i told her it was clean, just faded from the sun (it was red at one time), so it didn't look new, but it was still my car and i had still paid a huge amount (for us) to get it all sorted and working and such so that this wouldn't happen.

i hate this management company. i like the assistant manager, but she doesn't hold any power. at least she is always nice. she reminds me of my nana when she was younger.

so that is taken care of. we can move the car back here. which involves doc driving on the street, which he can't legally do. this thing is just a mess.

soon kam316 will be here and will be driving it and we won't have to worry anymore about it. just another 8 weeks. hee.

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