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i am literally waiting to fall asleep. which will happen shortly after my eyes find they can't focus on the screen. i woke up tired and grumpy. now i'm not grumpy anymore, but i am still tired. and two excedrine didn't do anything to help it, though they did get rid of my backache from laying on an old futon mattress that is completely flat. doc has another one on his bed that is much newer but he won't give it up to put on top of mine. even though he sleeps in my bed. he is strange that way.

we need to get rid of that bed, too. one side is completely sunken. and sleeping on the side that isn't involves acts that defy gravity. leading to my calling the bed the "gravity well". hell, his whole room needs to be cleaned up and out. he is resisting, but time is running out and i am not letting him wait until the last minute. we'll start small this weekend with things in closets. the balcony closet and his bedroom closet. if we can clean those out . . . there is at least one big box that can go. and the box of stuffed animals can go into my closet with no problem. it needs to be cleared enough to allow the stuff in his closet to be put in it. then we'll find the packing boxes and be able to put away some nic nacs from both our rooms. since i need to make room for him in my room.

i'm so excited about kam316 moving back out here. you just don't know. no matter how much moving of stuff and going through of stuff, i can't wait for her to get here. now that i know we won't be moving two weeks later, i can not stress out and be nothing but overjoyed.

and i need to quit putting off cleaning my room. my plan to do it while doc did his isn't going to work. i don't want to wait that long. and he is putting it off in a big way. i'd do it and be done with it but he is very particular about things. and i don't want an argument on my hands because he was saving the empty pill bottles to save the world.

my eyes are starting to blur. time to turn on the fifth element and nap until dark when it cools down, not that it's all that hot, it's just better to run the big appliances at night.
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