Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

am i bored?

i don't know. all i want to do is lay down but when i do i can't get comfortable. my body is resisting more sleep while it resists standing up. and sitting here is giving me a headache.

i just filled out my payee report for social security. it's an easy form. $6000 is spent on rent/housing, the other $1500 is spent on medications, and other neccessities. it's the same every year. and that sums up my income use. they always ask if any of it was saved and the account info. we always laugh at that part. i don't get enough to live. not if i was on my own. doc picks up the slack.

and that reminds me again how anxious i am to get my social security card and driver's liscense or state ID so i can get a part time job and make up the slack myself. i've never looked at the cost of institutional iving, but i bet it costs more than $7500 a year.

another reason i'm glad i live at home. it may not be a controlled environment but it is cheaper in the long run than having me in someplace.

this is the first year i've filled the form out as soon as it got here. most years i just lose it for months and then send it in. this is all part of my "do it now" campaign. no more things will be missed or blown off on my shift. i do it when i get it, take care of it, pay it.

i wonder if i have any marking pens.

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