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i've got the CD ripping down to a process. a rather time consuming one, but it isn't like i have anything better to do. or anything better i want to do.

i rip to .wma in windows media player, then drag the .wma into cool edit and save as an mp3. there is probably an easier way to do it, but i've spent two days doing it this way and i don't want to hear it. my forehead can't take many more slaps to it.

i'm listening to ani difranco for the first time in a long time. i missed her. she isn't much inspiration . . . well, not in her style, she rhymes a lot. but her ideas get me thinking.

tomorrow i will get to the box of games and see which ones stay games and which ones become art.

i need a soldering kit. i've got one on my wishlist to remind me. i have a big box of old computer stuff that is waiting for me and and a soldering iron. hee.

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