Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

yay or something

we have a new water heater. or a water hotter, depending upon if you have been burned yet by it. hee.

we're drinking coffee and not eating and watching private benjamin. i have challenged him to a game of star wars monopoly. it is fun to see how long it takes for us to inadvertantly switch playing pieces. and notice after. we may be too hopped up for that. i hear another pot brewing.

he's fun on friday nights. especially tonight with the coming home of the car and all.

the painters painted all over the front door (which, you may remember me mentioning is blue and the paint of the building is not) and the handrail on the stairs. they plastic-ed every step and couldn't cover the banister? or at least paint it all the way down? one or the other. the workmen noted to us that complaints were coming in about it already. not that the workmen can do anything about it, the painting was contracted out. silly to call the workmen about it, unless i guess if you have no idea who to call. and the people in the office aren't really what you would call responsive to the voicemail left. you have to catch a human in there to get anything done and have any hope of answers, slim though that hope may be.

wow, 20 gigs of music. i can't even blame doc's collection or music videos for that, it's almost all my music. maybe 19 gigs of it is my stuff. i recovered so many treats that just aren't around, at least i haven't found them. and not all of it is 80s music. some of it is from the early 90s. there's even some soundtrack stuff in there. run lola run, fight club, desperado, fifth element. i kept bugging doc with fifth element songs. it isn't bad enough the man sleeps to it, heh.

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