Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

hits to my podcast blog are blowing away hits to any other part of my site. that is pretty cool. i also noticed that people are actually going to the pages i have "stop poking me lady" up on the site. that is pretty cool. i spent hours formatting it.

the car is home safe and sound. doc and i are giddy with the sense of accomplishment. now doc and henry are asleep on the couch in the most cute way.

they are replacing our water heater. so we emptied out the storage closet. my 6 foot folding leg table is wet, the water soaked into the wood and crept up it about six inches. i lamented that i should have put it up and swapped out the table i'm working on when i thought of it. doc thought i was mad at him over this since he was the one who nixed the swapping out plan. but i wasn't. just a coulda shoulda woulda.

i just made the best nachos with taco meat left over from the other night. oh how happy are my tongue and tummy.

i was going to record a reading while doc was gone. oops. he's going out later, i can try to remember to do it then. if not i'll have to do it while he's home tomorrow. eep. i can read in front of a lot of people, but reading in front of one is hard for me.

oh why do i want to chain smoke? i have no control. since i stopped smoking pot regularly i've been smoking a butt load of cigarettes. doc had been taking notice, to my annoyance, but since we started buying cartons instead of three packs at a time, he doesn't notice so much.

i put him into a babysitter role too often. though i've been better the past week or more. eating on my own, washing and brushing my teeth without prompting. washing my hair. the little things that i don't think to do that he reminds me of and often ends up nagging me about because i don't listen.

i just don't listen. mostly. i eventually clue in, but how long that lasts is how long my memory of it lasts. that's why i write such seemingly mundane stuff. it isn't mundane to me. and later on it helps me remember what was going on and how i was doing. the stupid details hold the best clues for me. it doesn't make it at all interesting to read, and on the outside i'm sure it isn't.

the episode of farscape is on where zaan dies. very sad. i watched the one where aeryn died earlier. or rather, listened to it as it played. like i'm doing now.

i think i'll go play with photoshop for a while. i found all those graphics disks i had. time to play.

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