Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

first day of my weekend. whee. doc is out retrieving the car. he's having it towed back because of the lack of DL. he won't chance driving it and getting pulled over. smart doc.

i'm in a farscape rut. i keep putting the tapes on. only watching TV when doc is home. this should last only a couple of days. then i'll be back to my regular self.

i asked doc to consider getting me "empire strikes back" if he sees it at walmart. i don't think it will happen, but just so he knows, if he wants to buy one, that is the one i want first. "first" hee, the one i want. period. though the box set of all three is $36.88 at which would be cheaper than buying the DVDs separately. but doc said we don't have any DVD money since he's getting the car towed back.

and really, i don't need it. i just didn't want him to make a impulse purchase and bring home "jedi", because i really don't like that one. i like parts of it. but not enough to own it over the other two.

i wonder if there is any coffee made. i feel like coffee today. i'm already drinking arizona raspberry tea. i'll make coffee when the tea runs out. iced tea, a new found love. yum.

i used to drink arizona tea back before it got purchased by a bigger company and the flavor i drank was "tropical" and was a bunch of fruit flavors. it was good. but it went away. the raspberry is almost as good. i just recently found that out. now i get that as a treat.

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