Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i woke up to all the windows covered with plastic. they didn't cover the front door, so it has some spray on it. they are doing the front porch now as i write.

i got these great programs to convert my stuff to DVD. i went through all of it and followed directions. the audio still doesn't synch up. i give up for now. if i can sit here and watch silent frame by frame farscape, i can sit here and watch the episodes on CD. the best thing to do is wait until scifi reruns it and tape it then. that would be easiest. after all this experimenting and wasting of DVDs, i give up for now. i guess i'll buy the seasons if i can. at least put them on my amazon wishlist. if i can boost my ebay sales to the point where they cover my monthly expenditures and leave some left over.

the workmen were supposed to be here "first thing in the morning". i'm guessing they are waiting until the painting is done. the new paint (i saw it when doc left) is brown. i guess that goes with blue doors. or something.

once the painting is done i can take the two boxes that are in the way of the water heater and put them on the balcony.

my hair is to the point where it plays with my ears and makes me feel like i have dangle earrings on. i don't wear earrings. i don't have any that i like. it just feels funny.

we're going to be putting $100 a week away for doc's DL. in fourteen weeks, give or take, we will have the money to settle it. that doesn't seem that hard. it is less than the garnishment was, so it won't hurt so badly financially.

now the audio is repeating itself. erg. "the magnetics are spiking, brakka" played twice. amusing. good to listen to. not so good to watch, it hurts.

time to put an episode on this computer and watch it while i work on today's podcast.

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