Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i completely emptied out the outside litter box and cleaned it and put fresh litter in it. since it's still in doc's bathroom. now the room only smells of the moldy box he brought in from the closet with the leaking water heater. and this is the second day they have not come to fix it. nice of them.

doc said no buildings were painted yesterday. i wonder when they will actually start that. i also wonder if they are going to power wash the balcony like they did the front porch, because if not, i need to get out there and clean it.

i took a break from the computer and DVD crap and took a soma i had left over from some damn thing. now i'm nice and relaxed and burning some ancient perfumes incense and drinking tampico (never heard of it? no matter, a citrus juice that looks like normal orange juice and tastes like sweet). no coffee today.

the cats are not happy about not being able to lounge out on the worktable on the balcony. chloe has started sleeping on the worktable as it sits in the living room. adaptation. i like that.

my hair is not behaving. i'm washing it too much. the dandruff shampoo i use is harsh on my hair. i just want to put it all in a scarf or something. something away from my head. time to tie back what can be tied back.

oh yeah and i wanted to play with a program today. i think i'll go do that. i don't know what one yet. maybe flash or fireworks. maybe i'll teach myself CSS. something low stress and busy. then tomorrow i'll get back to the frustration of my frustrations.

we decided not to put the car in storage. kam316 will be here in a couple of months and she can drive it. so we're going to get the title sorted out and register it and just make sure we go out and start it once a week and change parking spaces. i think that will work out for the best all around and doc agrees with me. for once we agree on policy.

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