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i installed sims on this new machine in under an hour. it was more of a half hour experience. very nice. this machine is a marvel to me.

doc's pet peeve: i have named the computers and refer to them exclusively by those names. it is easier for me since two computers are a foot from each other right now. they are named 'damian' and 'dalek'. he hates this for some reason.

doc's other pet peeve: use of the phrase 'shout out'. he prefers i use 'homage', which i sometimes do. it makes me giggle when he corrects me about it.

he's a funny man. i adore him so completely.

i love sitting with him in silence or with the music on. we can be silent and it's okay. of course we also can go on and on. we talk about the cats and the hamster a lot. and he nags me about not eating what i should, and i nag him about whatever he isn't doing, if there is something he isn't doing.

content. yep. aside from a worry here or there, i'm in a pretty good place. emotionally. i'm still all against leaving the apartment. that is a hard thing because it rubs off on the people around you. and that isn't so good. plus i live in las vegas, this is not the city to go agorophobic(sp).

my spelling is horrible when i'm hopped up on coffee. maybe i should switch over to water or lemonade now.
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