Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

which way?

i posted that i wouldn't do a podcast today and then i recorded and posted a podcast. i sound horrible in parts of it. oh well, that's me. and these podcasts are pieces of me. so i figured i didn't need to be in perfect voice. if i were doing a talk radio thing, i'd let it go until i sounded better. but for a minute and a half i figured it was okay. that isn't that long, just short enough to fake it.

i found a set of graphics CDs i was missing last night. that makes me feel better. it was a set of 7, so it was a loss i felt keenly. i like to just browse through the photo files at the candy or the travel pics. i'm still missing some music CDs and at least one mp3 disk.

it's definite that i am shrinking. weight-wise. all i can say is hooray and i need a boob job. i don't need any more boob, just less droopage. and now that i've shrunk, i need to find my smaller bras. i'm not small enough to fit into the next size down that i have, which is actually two sizes down from where i am. but i'm digging on the loose pants and having to pull them up.

there are benefits to being a hermit, you can go through hair growing out and weight loss or gain times and no one sees you except those you live with. and since i only live with doc, it isn't a problem.

ick, chloe eats vomit. ugh, that is all i'm going to think about when she comes to cuddle with me. ugh, i may lose it myself. that was just sick. and she's giving me the stink eye now for stopping her. animals are so damn strange.

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