Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

we watched ultraviolet last night. weak plot, but i love milla jovovich (or however you spell her last name, i'm too lazy to look it up).

today i'm getting a software treat.

doc is bringing home blank DVDs so i have a place to put my farscape episodes. i was all thrilled when i found out i could put four episodes on one disk. they are two to a disk on CD so i have a big pile to wade through when i want to watch. and being able to watch them on TV just thrills me.

we made fried chicken yesterday. tonight i'm making tacos. part of the cook-at-home-instead-of-always-eating-cereal plan. it's going well. we fried enough chicken to freeze some for doc and he can eat that on the nights i have kraft dinner. unlike him, i consider that a meal. though, he did get me fresh green beans to steam, that will go with macaroni and cheese.

i need to go empty the dishwasher. my part of cleaning the kitchen from the mess we made yesterday. we had fun. doc doesn't use his hands for cooking (yes, he uses his feet, follow along), if a utensil can be used it will be. i'm more of a touchy feely kind of cook. i have to wash my hands constantly to avoid cross contamination when i'm cooking because unless it's hot (okay, that isn't a solid rule, more of a guidline), i've got my hands in it while i'm cooking.

i wonder if i'll ever be a chef again. doc called me "chef" yesterday while i was cooking and it kind of stung. it's been so long since i've been in a commercial kitchen. if i could just get over my heat sensitivity, i could work on the line again (up front with all the action). i had a sweet position once, but for the boss, who was more than a stupid prick. actually, a couple of jobs i've had have been sweet but for the bosses.

enough, time to clean the kitchen and prep what i can before dinner. right after i convince the hamster she is supposed to be nocturnal and to go to sleep, already.

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