Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

we're bad parents

doc picked up iams weight loss formula, just as his list said, but turns out it was dog food, not cat food. we were nearly through the bag when i figured it out. it explained the strange complaining we'd been getting from the cats. no outrageous behavior, just more attention to us around meal times and after meal times. there was actually a reduction in cat vomit. tonight they get cat food back. we suck. i know they are thinking it. they knew something was up. funny thing, though, hank and leeloo have both lost a bit of weight and become more active. so this time it's weight loss formula for cats. hank actually jumps up on things. aside from the occasional venture onto the couch, he used to be a floor-bound kitty. now he's jumping on the back of the couch and up in my lap and all sorts of places. but a month of dog food must have sucked for them. i can't imagine how different it tastes. dogs will eat anything, it could taste like crotch for all i know. not that i know what crotch tastes like. oh bother.
Tags: cats

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