Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

hey i'm up early

early for me, most of you have already been into your day for a while. that's what i get for being partly nocturnal.

so. i'm up. and i have a whole day ahead of me. the first couple of hours will be with doc. then when he leaves i need to figure out a project for me to do. maybe it will be cleaning my room finally. yes i am still putting that off. i don't know why. it isn't all that bad in there. there's just some boxes of stuff that need to be gone through.

i've been trying to get in touch with my own feelings and i've found that aside from the little stressors like the car, i feel pretty content. doc and i don't fight much anymore. we've got a schedule that we keep to. and though i know the next few months will bring upheaval and change, i'm ready for it. that doesn't mean i'm not afraid a little, but only a little.

my doctor started this new thing where we fill out a little survey and then rank our depression/anxiety/symptoms from one to ten, ten being best. i was at about a five the last time i went in. i was at about an 8 yesterday. and i haven't decided where i am today. it depends on if doc wakes up in a good mood. it takes my uppness away when he's grumpy in the morning. but i hear him talking to leeloo, so i think today will be an 8, as well.

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