Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

turns out the steve irwin coverage stings for only the first six hours of it or so. after that, i was completely desensitized.

did you know my cat leeloo wasn't dead? i didn't. i had to look it up in my journal. i thought i was hallucinating her. my medications may need adjusting. according to my journal, she got out with chloe and both of them came home. doc found them in the morning. she's only been coming out for minutes at a time and i haven't had a chance to try and pet her. i was busy talking myself out of hallucinating her. frankly the last thing i wanted to do was touch her, i thought she was dead. jesus, where does this shit come from?

wow, and it's 6. i kept it up during the med sedation hours. go me.

they don't exactly balance each other out, do they? maybe i should go back to watching the news. or maybe sleeping to it. you know, now that i'm not drowsy. sounds like an excellent plan. i'm thinking i should maybe take another seroquel anyway. just because of the whole leeloo thing.

i somehow got her confused with the death triggering of steve irwin. i can see that. i guess i won't beat myself with why.

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