Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

feline misadventures

the people downstairs left for the weekend and left their stereo on. loud. erg.

i've been having so few thoughts. i think it's because i've been giving in to the medications and going to sleep. and sleeping all day. getting up at 11pm and going back to bed around 3am and sleeping until 1pm. then i get up for a few hours and do stuff and go back to sleep.

last night doc had the door open and leeloo and chloe got out. this morning jack and henry were doing some kitty dance by the front door and doc opened it up to find a filthy leeloo and a cowed chloe. leeloo got a bath and has been in hiding ever since. chloe is the same as always (right in your face all the time meowing and begging for pets). i can't believe they got left out and nothing bad happened. they are not outside cats. they are pampered inside cats. though leeloo has a thing for the parking lot. hence the filthy.

i didn't do the hamster cage yesterday. that is on the short list for today. that and empty the dishwasher.

tomorrow is podcast day. i think i'll do one with two pieces for 'cydniey speaks'. maybe, we'll see. my voice has been icky lately, i've been coughing more. i think it's the a/c.

doc had all sorts of stuff to do today, not realizing it is a holiday. feh. so i have to get him to go to bed early so he can do it all before work tomorrow. that will be a joy. that also means i have to hear the alarm and get up with him.

i have to clean my room.

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