Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i think i've done all i can with the computer sitting next to me. i didn't get the all nighter last night. maybe tonight. this new computer, though it hails from 2002, is far and beyond cool. and far and beyond anything i had. i'm still all giddy.

i have to pay for being a bum the last couple of days. the house needs straightening. not much, doc dusted the living room yesterday. i do have to change spot's cage. secret food stashes be damned, i'll give her plenty of feed to make up for it. i hate changing her cage because of her food stashes. i pull out veggies she doesn't eat the next day, so those don't languish in the fluff, rotting.

and i just figured out there is a DVD-RW on here, meaning i can, in theory, change my farscape episodes to DVD. this makes me so happy. i didn't even notice it until today. i had to download the sound drivers and looked at the specs while i was on the site.

first i'll burn some CDs. since i have no blank DVDs i can learn what i need to convert.

the only thing i haven't put on this is the sims. i'm still debating if i'm going to do that.

in other news . . .

i can only think of other news when i'm not near a computer.

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