Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i need to clean my room

i've spent the day doing nothing. tomorrow i'll post new podcasts. i have to figure out the different file system on this computer (the new one) and try to make it as similar to the other as possible. to this end i have the other one next to me on the worktable. i got lucky and had a support under the glass that wasn't covered with something. using the keyboard is awkward, but hey.

i made another collage but i haven't photographed it yet because i don't think it is done. i need to do one more thing on it, then it will be done. i'm using crayons on this one. i don't have any markers that i've been able to find. so crayon it is.

i am surrounded by computers (okay, only two but the table isn't all that big and there is a lot of computer stuff around as well, disks and cables and such). at least only one has sound. i'm going to try to pull an all nighter and get everything set up and done and the computer moved into the other room. then i need to hook up the dell. and only because i need it to get the photos off my camera. i anxiously await an update of the drivers on the canon site. dumbshits.

of course i'm not entirely innocent since i lost the install disks in the first place. i'll find them once i get things up and working with the XP machine on my own. that is how it works.

and it all leads to one thing: i need to clean my room.
Tags: geek, ramble

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