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my latest podcast episode is the rarely heard, never published, and rousingly praised "the pussy poem". i finally decided to read it and give up the "clean" rating on my podcast. it's a fun piece to do on a roll, so i left the little narfs and stutters in.

i was going to save it for tomorrow since i already had posted a couple episodes today, including an audio welcome. i have a written one up, but didn't have an audio one. so i stammered through a rough list of what to include.

you know how you hate the sound of your own voice when you hear it recorded for the first time? yeah, you get used to it. i can actually critique my own voice now, i'm so used to it.

i really need to start writing again. i'm going to run out of stuff to read if i don't. another challenge to face head on.
Tags: podcasting

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