Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

more about podcasting

my podcast, which i have registered with every directory i can find, is getting over 30 subscriptions a day. and i don't know if that is good or not. i've been uploading every day. i need to get doc out of the house when i'm awake tomorrow so i can record something else. maybe a short poem and a short ramble. since i found my headset mic, i feel much more comfortable just jabbering into the mic. you should hear some of the outtakes where i screw up during a recording and ramble until i can turn it off. i don't keep these things but some are funny.

but i want to do at least one every day. today it was one of the c0ntaX mixes. he did the music and put my voice over it. i have three such pieces from him. the others are different mixes of the erotic poem "share". then i have a mix from jdev for the poem "excuse me, myth?"


that should have been posted last night. i spaced on it. i've updated my mp3 page with everything i've done. i love it. all i need is more exposure. though i got myself on the front page of in the featured section. i just had to send invites to four people. with three domains, that is easily done without hassling anyone.

since doc is out for a couple of hours i'm recording. there will likely be stuff on the mp3 page that doesn't yet go into the podcast. namely new things that are unpublished. since i am using this cast to promote my book, it will be rare that i will post something that isn't in the book. though while i sit here i am tired of the work in the book and want to work with other stuff that i found but haven't published at yet.
Tags: podcasting, poetry

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