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what i'm doing

i'm once again up to my elbows in poetry. my own and that of others. i keep reading pieces waiting to find one that moves me. i listen for a voice that carries me through the words. and something inspiring would be nice.

i can't get enough into anything to write something. and i'd really like to write something. i do the little exercises on, but even they don't inspire me past the assigned project.

i updated my podcast today with a piece that hasn't been heard or read by anyone but me and the cats. so that is today's podcast treat.

come to think of it, that is today's only treat.

so what are you doing?

this day will never end, i swear it.

the upswing is that all this typing is making my speed and accuracy much better. i can't wait to cut my nails and use it. this is definitely a fingertip kind of keyboard. the keys feel slightly grainy and are slick. time to go cut nails!

it took me way too long to put those two together.

i wrote a poem about a notebook i got for writing in, and i have no idea where that is. i can't remember where i put any of my notebooks and i know i have a lot of them. i'm especially interested to find one that inspired a poem.

i hate my new zapped memory. i really do. i don't say it, but i think it the whole time i'm awake.

wow, i didn't mean to end on such a downer.
Tags: podcasting, poetry

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