Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i've read most of the site and my eyes are starting to cross. maybe time to stop for the day. i've been at the computer recording and uploading and posting all damn day. and i'll do it tomorrow, too. i am determined to learn what i need to know. if matt can do it, i can do it. i have decided that. though only with this. i can't write books like he does. or i'm sure other things. but i will learn this and be able to master it.

i have things to do that don't involve the computer, that i should have taken care of the last two days i just sat around with doc. the world calls to me and it's in my ear instead of in my inbox.

i'd hang my framed poster of "the scream" again but it looks so good with one of the cats sleeping in front of it. and i think i have run out of wall space to hang things.

if i really want to keep sitting here, i have 30 some poems to be transcribed. do i really want to do that tonight? i'm still deciding whether i'm going to put titles on these poems, which i should. but i hate that. though it does make me read the piece.

an ebay piece i sent off got eaten by a machine, it looks like. so i have to do a refund. i hope the checking account is in order soon. my packaging is usually so perfect, well, nothing has ever been eaten by a postal machine. pity, it was a nice piece. i'll recycle the parts not all fucked up. a chocker from a lariat necklace. i've got to be more careful. i don't care about the refund, i hate seeing that happen to a piece of mine.

then i have a couple of ebay things to send out. that will be fun getting doc to do it. i will not step outside the door without him with me. i don't know why. we tried to get to the bottom of the fear, but i couldn't come up with a reason other than i feel exposed. leeloo ran outside the other day and though she stayed on the landing near the door, she would not come in and i couldn't step right out and pick her up. instead i sit inches from her, as she is right outside my reach, i sit there. unable to just lean out. she eventually came in when she got the clue i was freaking out. or more likely, she got tired of teasing me and wanted a drink of water.
Tags: leeloo, outside, ramble

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