Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

happy sunday

yee haw! what a morning. i woke with no back pain at all. fabulous! i may just work out. i feel that good.

a podcasting expert (see mwsmedia) is a friend of mine and is going to take some time out of his schedule to brief me on it and see if he can't break through my thick skull. i have everything i need, but understanding of how to put it all together. that he is taking time to help me is double fabulous.

i'm still trying to think of how to minimize the stuff in my workroom. something will come to me. there may be stuff i can pack up for now. i don't know. i'll think of something, i always do.

the checking account isn't working (in direct opposition to what the bank tells us) and i haven't yet been able to save i'm keeping faith, doc is talking to the bank again today.

rent and bills are paid. once the wage garnishment was done, things got easier again. next month i can start to budget in paying off hospital bills from this last time. the ambulance trip wasn't covered. lucky the emergency room was.

i feel so up today. maybe it's the coffee. maybe it's that i've not taken my meds yet. no, my meds just dope me up, they don't depress me. soon i'll be up and weird from the meds. cool.

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