Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

today's great accomplishment

i took a shower by myself. and again, nothing bad happened to me. so maybe my brain will relax on the shower thing. the anticipation up to it is what gets me. once i'm in the water, so long as the curtain is half open, i'm fine.

and i like to take long cold showers. the kind that start off hot and then cool down. except i made myself colder than my apartment so now i'm sweating agian. hee.

i'm making pasta tonight for dinner. i could make it now and let it cook. i think i'll do that.

i've spent all day listening to podcasts. i don't know if i can give what it needs, but neither can many other people. so, like them, i'm going to try it. i've got everything i need.

but in the meantime i'm going to add some pieces to the page i was touting earier. i have no idea which ones, those up there are my strongest. i also need to redo one i apparently lost.

the loss of the hard drive recently wasn't completely catastophic. it's just little things that are missing here or there. but i've come to find that many things are missing from various computer losses and it didn't hurt me or slow me down in any way.

and i told myself long ago not to mourn the loss of cam photos. it happens. stuff is gone. that's it. make more if it bugs me so much. then it doesn't bug me that much. hee.
Tags: ramble, shower

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