Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

64 poems to input. yay. i may install that program that reads scanned text. only about 15 are handwritten. and i am SO backing up my work onto CD when i'm done with this. i have one more chap book and then a pack of 70+ poems that have never been seen. and i need to get those and the ones previously mentioned into cheap printed form (hello kinkos). after everything is together and i've put them into alphabetical order. mainly that helps me to get to know the titles, which are always so damn vague. i do that with titles. i hate titling pieces, i really do. i just want to put the words down, i don't want to sum it up in a couple words to put on top. whine.

i'm uploading my newly tagged mp3s up to my site, so the mp3 page is down right now. don't ask me why i didn't just rename them on the server. i can't handle my FTP program i guess. i don't know why, really.

i have a lot of things to think about. i'm going to download some more podcasts and wait to be accepted into a really cool website forum at i have to find an icon for it. or make one. though i may use the icon i use here. just for continuity.
Tags: poetry, ramble, whiny little bitch

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