Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i've been sitting here listening to podcasts in the category of "poetry". i've found one female podcaster so far, and she was a co-podcaster with a man and the podcast was in german, so i didn't get much out of it. it's all men!

i don't have any fancy opening music to play, but i am a girl. i wonder if girls are allowed to podcast. hee. i still have many more to listen to. i really hate poetry. but i would gladly listen to anything read by a girl at this point.

does a little girl playing an accordion count? i guess "poetry" is a pretty loose category.

i'm using Juice, formerly ipodder, to collect my podcasts. it makes it all pretty automatic. it has a built in list of podcasts to chose from while i'm still getting to know about all of this. i decided it would be easier to be a user first. then a caster.

my experience as an internet dj oh so long ago will help me with the chatter part of the cast. each one i've heard opens with chatter, whether they have the fancy opening music or not.

oooh! i found girls! a girl podcaster and readers! yay! i need more of my work put to music. i'm listening to a piece very like some of my own but with a great backbeat. i need to record more. i need to do so much.

and i have many many more feeds to listen to.

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