Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i was not always a brilliant poet

i'm transcribing, for the first time, a collection of poems that survived from high school. and the poet at 16 is bad, boys and girls. it wasn't until after high school that i got exposed to jelo biafra's spoken word. and then rollins. i learned there are no limits and the definition of "poetry" is a wishy washy thing that you can try to make the most of.

i learned some things yesterday. you do that when you read three years of poetry out loud. you'd better. what i learned about kasey's death: thank gods the pain fades and i don't feel like that anymore. what i learned about me: i make myself the victim. i don't do it on purpose, i don't mean to do it, but i do. and it comes out in my poetry. only a portion of my stuff is about me, so i guess it can be pretty intense.

what i'm learning from these 20 odd poems i'm reading now is that i've always been screaming for love and feeling trapped. yep. sums it up. as awkward as my poetry is from back in high school, it still rings true to what i was feeling. even if it does all rhyme.

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