May 28th, 2017

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Hey, Howya Doin'?

My birthday came and went with just the right amount of celebration. I got a cake and presents from Doc for the next few days, as they arrived in the mail. I got a black cotton shirt dress, mini, with tassels hanging from the hem. I also got a Dodge Charger Daytona Hot Wheel car. And cake, chocolate cake with no flowers. It was a perfect week.

And Chewbacca's lime green and black mesh ESA K9 harness got here. A little adjusting, and it fits him perfectly. I just can't walk him because I'm afraid of this neighborhood in the dark and the pavement is too hot in the daytime. This all reminds me that I need to adjust Rose's harness that Chewy has been wearing back to Rose's size. The old cat harness I am using for her is breaking and too tight on her, she's gotten a little chubby. Not so strangers would notice it, but I do.

I've battled and been victorious against two black widow spiders in the past two weeks. When I'm done here, I plan to go out with the broom and bug spray and decimate some nests, the fuckers are taking over my patio. And after Evie died upon being bitten, ever since then, I have been freaked out about the others. And they all hang out near the nests. Evie walked through one, and I think stopped to freak out. That's when she got got. I won't let any of the animals walk under chairs out there. Today that stops. I go out, I clean up, I destroy arachnids of the poisonous persuasion.